Thursday, May 15, 2014

Reynolds at the ready…

We are delighted to have secured a massive 10 year warehousing contract with leading marine organisation, Braemer Howells, to operate as part of a dedicated taskforce in support of the Coastguard.

Braemer offer an emergency incident response service where they are on hand to clear up around coastal areas which are affected by oil and chemical spillages. They have dedicated cleaning products which are ‘loaded’ into the fuselage of a specialist plane and they are released as the plane flies over the contaminated area in the sea.

Reynolds plays the critical role of warehousing these vital provisions in a secure storage facility.  These products need to be at the ready should an urgent incident arise and then despatched to East Midlands Airport from the designated holding area… and we have just 2 hours to complete the job from the time the call is logged.

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